Thanksgiving Weekend 2016 Trial Wrap-Up

Our 2016 Thanksgiving Weekend trial is history. I think it made history with many people. For us (Virginia Ruff Riders), we are extremely grateful for your participation in our event, both by entering and by helping to make it work. Some of you put out huge volunteer effort, working all the time you weren’t actually running. Kudos to you! And for the folks who didn’t work the entire weekend, we appreciate every bit of effort you made to keep things going. We are thankful for help even in one jump height, if it helps us keep going and to get done early. And of course we thank you for your entries. USDAA agility trials have lost ground in our area (and many others), and it was heartening that our entry was up compared with our other recent trials. Keep up the good work! We love you!

I cannot leave out our super-human judges, Kirstie Dean and Carol Voelker. They gave us challenging but fun courses and were courteous, kind and giving the whole weekend. You can’t have it any better than what they did for us!

VARR Thanksgiving trial - VARR partners

Here we are, thanking you.

We’ve had super feedback about our trial and want to share some of it with you.

Paula Goldman wrote:

Thank you! I know that putting the competition on cannot be easy and it takes many hands to make it happen. Regardless of results, this is always a great experience for me and Storm.
My husband took a lot of photos on Sunday from about 10 – 2 and on Saturday morning. Anyone is welcome to look through the pics for shots of their dogs.  They can be found at:

Paula added:

In addition, I received a few questions about the border collie pillow I donated.  It came from  .  They send them unstuffed; stuffing is available from any fabric shop.

Margot French sent us a note:

Thank you for so much fun at your trial this weekend. Those who don’t participate in your U.S.D.A.A. trials just don’t know what they are missing! The games are challenging, but fun, and the intro and misc. classes are great for baby dogs and those that want some extra practice in the trial environment without the additional stress of trying to “Q”. Two-ring venues help relieve the exhausting endless days — and the raffle prizes are top notch.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Margot, Jasper and Lovey